Maui, HI

This first video was created for the new Andaz Maui Resort opening May 2013:

Pete, Trevor, and I spent nine days exploring Maui, filming the property and the island, and having a blast. Here is a look at our ‘behind the scenes’ video:

Maui feels like a dream. We had a really hard time leaving the island after pretending we were locals for nine days. Hope to see you again soon, HI.

10! Show – Diffusion Lines

Growing up I was considered a tomboy. I would wear oversized shirts, overalls, and sneakers. I rarely combed my unruly long hair, and I wore thick, plastic glasses. My 10 year-old self would not believe that I squeeze into heels, comb my hair, and sometimes accessorize! Thanks to my friend Jessie Holeva from Trend Hungry, I get girly moments like these.

Jessie styled me in a dress designed by Jason Wu for Target and shoes by Christian Siriano for Payless. Her blog entry features all the styles, along with prices and designers.

My roommate Kate is the first person who comes on to model. Beautiful job, loves!
Go back in time and visit past clips of Jessie: my first time, Footloose inspired outfits, Fox29 at Apricot Lane.
Have a very happy Friday!

Superbowl 2012

I am the first to admit that I enjoy the Superbowl for one thing: food. Bags of chips, pizza galore, BBQ, and ginger ale. It’s hard to focus on a game while bowls of wavy potato chips call out your name.

This marked the first Superbowl that was not food focused. In fact, it was way more exciting… It was about our friend Zach Borst, who had his first Superbowl Ad aired on National Television for Chevrolet through MOFILM.

We all celebrated in a rented out bar in NYC. When his commercial came on the room was deafening with cheering, chanting, and high-fives. It felt like the game had ended with everyone’s team claiming victory. And it was a victory! Cheers to you, Zach! And all the other MOFILM Superbowl Ad finalists. Here is a little video capturing the fun night:

Polar Bear Run 2012

In order to get this blog back up to speed, let’s go back to the beginning of the year!

There is nothing comparable to running into a freezing ocean with hundreds of other screaming people to wake you up in the morning. If you get a chance to do it, you’ll realize it’s hard not to scream along and laugh until your sides hurt. And coming home to a hot shower, coffee, and our space heater (also known as Cooper the rabbit), feels so, so good.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


Here, here, to the first post of the New Year! I’m sitting in a Brooklyn coffee shop reflecting on how quickly time is passing. So far the New Year has brought us a road trip, new video projects, collaborating with many talented friends, the impending promise of change, and with change, the feeling of nostalgia and thrilling hopefulness. This first post is vague, but these next few days will be full of updates and photos and videos that have been accumulating on the shelves of my laptop.

Today we will spend our time in NYC filming, visiting family, and celebrating the success of our friend’s startup company. Have a wonderful day!

Woodford Mansion

Have you ever wondered to yourself what life would be like living in the 18th century? Would you wear elaborate dresses like Marie Antoinette? Would you be a loyalist? Would you read poetry all morning and ride your horse named Robert Charles II all afternoon? My head was spinning with made up horse names as we spent the day in an old mansion built around 1756 – Woodford Mansion. We filmed an actress who played the role of Rebecca Franks – a former owner of the mansion back in the day. She toured us around her home dressed in fashionable period clothing, and improved unabashed conversations about elite social gatherings. I felt silly in my black pants and pleather boots, but at least I had my corset on. Close call.

We tend to jump in front of the places we enjoyed capturing. Exhibit A above. Welp, back to the 21st century for us!

Doritos Superbowl Ad

We finally did it! We submitted a spot for the Doritos Superbowl Competition. Check it out here. Featuring three of the cutest men in my life: Pete, Calvy the French Bulldog, and Jonah.

We had so much fun making this one. It was hilarious to have Calvy take on a human form. This human being Jonah – who, without complaints, sat mashed between a couch cushion and Calvy. I should mention that Pete received a minute long facial from Calvy’s tongue that didn’t make the cut – Bravo to you Pete! Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the spot! Thanks for stopping by!

Summer Love

I profess my love for summer over and over like a broken record. Summer lovin’ happened so fast! I find myself reminiscing about the warmer days as I sit bundled in layers and socks with hot tea and chapped lips. This leads me to dig out old summer videos like this one!

When I watch it I feel warmth on my skin and chalk on my hands. Mmm, love it!

Rumor has it…

… that last night I went back to my high school to see the play Rumors! Rumor also has it that my little brother Greg starred as Glenn Cooper! As I walked through the old hallways during intermission, I couldn’t help but feel 17 years old again – which is the exact age of my little brother. I’m pinching myself as I type this – Greg is a junior, driving, and much taller than me. How… what… when did this happen?

Greg’s performance floored me. I smiled from ear to ear the whole time he was on stage (I’m talking three solid hours of smiles). Truly, the entire cast was incredible – Bravo and Oregano guys!

We love you, bro!

The little things

It’s the little things like…La Colombe coffee, cucumber slices on a whole wheat bagel, cuddling with Cooper, spotting said rabbit (or was it a cheese cracker?) climbing up a mountain, starting a rock collection (I found a gem that looks like a smiling tooth! Score!), hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks, silk scarves, more coffee, and clouds shaped as aquatic life. I feel spoiled silly to have these moments in a given day – oh life is beautiful, especially whilst holding a cup of steaming joe. Have a wonderful weekend!